Personal poker coaching

The first lesson usually starts with database analysis, which is one of the most productive coaching methods. It provides an easy way to look into a player’s most important stat columns and correct critical errors that prevent a player from achieving high-value results. It is the most progressive study method, after which one of the most important indicators in tournament poker – bb/100 – improves dramatically. After correctly performing the database analysis, it is easy to draw up a further coaching plan.

Game selection and focusing in the right direction – tournament poker is not only about correct decisions at the table, a large number of wrong decisions are made even before pressing the registration button. My coaching offers correct setting of goals, correct selection of games to analysis of small details for each player individually. It is necessary to understand where money comes from and where it is lost.


70 EUR/h


300 EUR/5h

500 EUR/10h

150 EUR/h group max 4 students

600 EUR/5h group max 4 students

Student Swapy had a 2bb/100 over 196k hands winrate when he came to us, after 6 months he went to – 19bb/100 over 60k hands
Before pokercoaching After pokercoaching

Here are some of the key benefits of personal poker coaching:

Personalized attention:

With personal poker coaching, you get the undivided attention of an experienced coach who can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Unlike group coaching, private coaching allows for a more personalized approach that is tailored specifically to your needs and abilities.

Correct database analysis:

The first step in private poker coaching is usually a thorough analysis of your database, which provides a comprehensive overview of your play and helps to identify critical areas that need improvement. This analysis is essential in improving your results, as it helps to correct common errors and provides a roadmap for future improvement.

Improved game selection:

Another important aspect of private poker coaching is game selection. Your coach can help you choose the right games and tournaments to play in, and help you understand the factors that contribute to success in these events. This is especially important in tournament poker, where a player’s results are heavily influenced by the quality of the competition and the skill level of the other players.

Better decision-making:

Private poker coaching can also help you make better decisions at the table. Your coach will provide guidance and feedback on your play, and help you understand the key factors that influence decisions in poker. By working with a coach, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the game and become better equipped to make informed decisions in high-pressure situations.

Increased confidence:

Finally, private poker coaching can help to boost your confidence and motivation. Having an experienced coach to provide support and encouragement can help you stay focused and motivated, even during tough times at the table. With private coaching, you’ll be able to approach each game and tournament with a renewed sense of confidence, knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

In conclusion:

Private poker coaching is an essential tool for any serious poker player looking to improve their results. With personalized attention and guidance, you can identify and correct critical errors, make better decisions, and reach your goals more quickly and effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, private coaching can help you take your game to the next level and achieve success at the poker table.

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