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About me

My name is Matiss, and I have coached and played professionally for more than seven years. Through learning from the world’s best players and coaches, I have been consistently profitable (with over 500k USD profit overall) while working both in the most popular platforms, as well as attending most notable live poker series in Europe and the rest of the world. If you’re serious about poker coaching, let me know how I can help!

Poker coaching is the opportunity to have me be your coach and guide. I will help you to improve your game by explaining the thoughtful decision-making principles and mindset behind my thought process during hands played against different opponents, in various styles of games.

With over seven years of experience, I specialise in coaching both online and live players (small stakes to high). I have worked as an online coach for more than three years, and with live players for five years. Through learning from the best minds in the world and putting my knowledge into practice, my students have consistently been profitable.

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